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There are many things to do and experience around Björkelund, such as biking, bird watching at Lake Krankesjön or visiting one of the nearby national parks.  The university town of Lund is only 15 km away and Flyinge Kungsgård, a royal estate steeped in tradition, is even closer. A trip to Copenhagen is just an hour by train from Lund.

Shop localy
Lund cathedral

Local Produce

Buying newly harvested carrots or freshly laid eggs in an on-farm store is a delightful experience. Keep an eye out for signs advertising on-farm stores or eggs. Lanthandeln i Torna Hällestad is a larger country store that sells local, KRAV-labeled or organic produce. The country store has its own bakery and a café.

Hällestad Svamp – This on-farm store specializes in mushrooms, sells vegetables, eggs and preserves, and serves tasty coffee and baked goods.

Guided Tours

One of my favorite tours in Lund is “Lund Women with Attitude,” guided by Agneta Ericsson of Agnes i Lund, to learn about the influential women who left their mark on Lund.

Lund is known as a town where people bike everywhere. How about an exciting, guided bike tour of Lund or a visit to the iron-age settlements in Uppåkra? The person to contact is Monica Lennartsson.

Monica and her colleague Agneta are both authorized guides in the region of Skåne and provide tours in Swedish, English and German.

Nature Outings

There are over 28 nature reserves in Lund municipality. Close to Björkelund are several that are easily accessed. A local favorite, a nature reserve and park called Skrylleboasts hiking trails, running paths and a restaurant.

Dalby Söderskog offers a breathtaking opportunity to view spring flowers in a woodland when the first delicate leaves are unfurling. For a national park it is small, but wonderfully beautiful.

Bird-watching? Krankesjön is a good place to start. It has both a bird-watching tower and screens.


Visit Flyinge Kungsgård, Torna Hällestad, beautiful Fågelsångsdalen or Lund on winding country roads. Six bicycles with step-through frames are parked in the garage, along with helmets, rain ponchos, thermoses and a picnic blanket – everything you need for a successful outing.  We have made maps of the most pleasant biking routes from Björkelund.

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